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    more inclusive, slower, and perfect for soaring

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    Transfer kinetic energy into height – get your hands on a new dimension

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    Dunes, hills or snow – have fun wherever you go FLAREing!

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    How to control the parakites direction, speed and altitude

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I think "everyone" will fly this wing in the near future...

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier (Flying Legend / Master of Weightless) 


Born to create a new world of flying – now called FLARING. We are proud to present you a true gamechanger that will add a third dimension to your flying skills. The super stable reflex profile construction used in kites allows you to keep your kinetic energy and release it whenever you want.

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Jean-Baptiste Chandelier - Master of Weightless

This might be a fu#*!ng revolution

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, Master of Weightless
Armin Harich & Benni Bölli - Research & Development Team
The best of two worlds
We have created the ultimate wing system combining power, fun and safety... From the best of two worlds: Kiteboarding and Paragliding
Armin Harich & Benni Bölli, Research & Development Team
Jeff Ayliffe - Local Hero Southafrica
Has thrown everything out of the window
Today, I took everything I've learned in 42 years of flying ram-air wings, and threw it out the window...
Jeff Ayliffe, Local Hero Southafrica

About us

We had a dream, that there is more to flying than left & right, to start a revolution in the world of flying and add the first real 3rd dimension to your movements in the air while flying. 

- Our Brandstory and what we believe in -

The basic instinct of a human being is the search for freedom and to go beyond the existing.

We believe that if yesterday was the best day of your life... today can be even better! If you think you had already felt freedom yesterday – wait until you experience the third dimension of today.

We decided to start a revolution, combining the deposed and stability of a kite with the glide, performance and safety of a paraglider.

Some would call it a game changer. We welcome you to the future of flying.

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We decided to start a revolution and created a super stable wing where you can control your angle of attack. 

It’s not just another paraglider, it’s a kite made for flying. It doesn’t fly like a paraglider. It flies like a kite. 

It's the first wing in 40 years of paragliding history that truly allows you to control your lift. 

The combination of the FLARE system and the reflex profile gives you the following options. Here's what it gives you – superpower what else?! ;-)

  • Transfer energy in height

    Precise control of your lift. YOU decide when you want the lift to go up and when not. You can use your kinetic energy, pull the brakes and you'll shoot up. Your brake handles and accelerator are in your hands. Imagine you're a hang glider. Use it wisely!

  • Contour flying

    Flying close to the ground made easy. Finally, you have full freedom of line choices you've never flown before. With the FLARE System you can easily follow different terrain transitions. And also get away from terrain safely when pulling the brakes.

  • Speed & wind range expanded to the MAXIMUM

    Speed-/glide ratio range: The MOUSTACHE has the speed and the dive of a speedwing, but also the glide ratio of a paraglider. With the reflex construction, you can soar in strong winds like never before. Be aware with great power comes great responsibility.

  • Windrange while soaring

    Because of the reflex profile and the extended speed range you can soar in much higher winds. Also due to the lift and depower ability you can use the wind much more efficiently, even if it's not straight towards the coastline.

  • Precise flying and landing

    Because you have full control over your lift, you can adjust your height much more easily. That gives you an additional safety aspect to get away from terrain.

  • Endless FLARING

    Being able to control your lift and having a huge performance capacity, you will FLARE your landings like never before. Time for showoff. But please take care of a wide landing area.

  • Safe on the ground

    Simply release the brakes to stay on the ground even in strong winds – the depower ability will release all its energy. The reflex profile will take care that you won't be blown away and you can handle a lot stronger winds with ease.