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Flying a MOUSTACHE is so much fun, so we do understand that it's tempting to just grab it and give it a try.

But while "flaring" – as we do call it – looks like usual paragliding, it really isn't. Habits which keep you safe while paragliding, can get you in troubles. Trust us, the time spent to watch all of our tutorials will pay off a thousand times.

Please note that no online video can replace a proper in-person training by our Pro Partners.

We really can't wait to hear your feedback how your first flight has been, but the most important thing is, that you will enjoy many many more...

Stay safe!


The vision behind our FLARE system was to build the ultimative soaring wing. To combine the depower and stability of a kite with the glide performance and safety of a paraglider.

The MOUSTACHE does offer exactly that great combination and allows you to not only fly from left to right. With our FLARE system you now have access to an additional dimension. You can fly up and down as you want and you can fly when paragliders even with miniwings have to stay on ground because of wind speed.

Make sure to be aware about the pro tips to be able to land as well on smaller landing areas at the top of your favorite soaring spot or how to keep your wing down after landing at 25 knots.


As we combined the best characteristics from kitesurfing and paragliding, it's not surprising that you can not only fly a MOUSTACHE.

You can go for a snowkiting sessions as well. Simply use the wing to pull you up the mountain and feel free to decide if you go down by skiing or if you prefer to fly down. 

It's helpful to know how you can easily handle the MOUSTACHE uphill which can be practiced by groundhandling sessions.