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FLARE Nation

We are a family called FLARE Nation, proud to share a new movement with you and the 3rd dimension of flying. Onboard in our team some of the most experienced, well-known pilots worldwide being included during development and for providing you the best service to test and learn how to FLARE.

Pro Partner

FLARE Pro Partner are our dedicated FLARE parakiting or paragliding schools with physical shops. They have years of experience in advising and as well providing full trust in our products. 

Pro Partners are here for you to give you the possibility to test nearly the complete FLARE product range and share their professional FLARE experience. They can offer you customized and professional FLARE courses and qualified lessons. We recommend taking a Pro Partner course to fully enjoy our FLARE experience.

When you purchase through the Pro Partner, we will offer you a  5% discount. We are always looking forward to welcome high potential Pro Partners to our FLARE Nation family.

Brand Advocate

FLARE Brand Advocates are amongst the best pilots in the world in their dedicated disciplines. Our important community members to either introduce you to the FLARE technology during talks on spots, or first ground handling sessions on the landing sites worldwide.

Besides that, Brand Advocates have also a small demo gear range ready and you have the chance to test the one or other most favorite parasite size.

When you purchase through the Brand Advocate, we will offer you also 5% discount.

We are already looking forward to future members and Brand Advocates of our FLARE Nation family.

Please understand that there are limited places and high requirements for being FLARE Brand Advocate in terms of safety.


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