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Welcome to the LINE tutorial video section. 

While the LINE inherits the celebrated concept of our beloved MOUSTACHE, it is uniquely tailored for speedflying. This specialized design alters its behavior, so it is crucial to be well-prepared and informed before choosing your first LINE. Dive into these tutorials to ensure you are ready to fully embrace the LINE experience.

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with LINE

Speedflying is a high-octane discipline of paragliding, designed for flying downhill close to the ground. Wings are typically small and fast to maintain proximity to the terrain, and this sport has been redefined by FLARE's innovations. While the MOUSTACHE opened new possibilities in speedflying with its glide ratio control at high speeds, the LINE is tailored specifically for this adrenaline-fueled sport. The LINE not only enhances the flying experience but also unlocks new, exhilarating lines never flown before.



Speedriding, where skiing and flying merge seamlessly, requires a versatile wing that can easily transition between these sports. The MOUSTACHE, equipped with the FLARE System, was the initial choice for precise mid-flight angle adjustments. The LINE, however, takes this to the next level for speedriding enthusiasts, offering superior agility and control, ideal for fluidly switching between skiing and flying.



For snowkiting, both the MOUSTACHE and LINE wings excel by offering unique experiences. These wings enable you to ski uphill and then choose your style of descent. The choice between MOUSTACHE and LINE will depend on the pilot’s desired adrenaline level – whether it’s a more exhilarating, high-speed descent with the LINE or a more nuanced and varied experience with the MOUSTACHE.