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Wooden HOOK PINS - Set 5 pcs


Product number: GFAHP1SET5
Wooden HOOK PINS - Set 5 pcs
Great for speed riding, speed flying or snowkiting.

Perfect to secure your MOUSTACHE parakite, or any other paraglider which is equipped with (snow) loops at the upper sail, from sliding down in challenging steep take-offs or slippery terrain.

When used correctly, the pins are pulled out of the ground or the snow at the start and they fly down into the valley attached to their loops. The hook pins can be weighted down with an object (stone, branch, etc.) or lightly stuck into the ground. The leading edge thus remains open and the glider does not slip away in steep terrain.

If one gets lost, it's not so bad – our hook pins are made of wood and are therefore biodegradable. It is important to remove the pins before packing the paraglider to avoid damaging the fabric.


  • 5 wooden hook pins set
  • All 5 pieces are equipped with a nylon loop line ready to go
  • Instruction for installation at the back of the package
  • Hook pins made out of biodegradable wood
  • Package made with recyclabe material
  • Size pins: 7cm
  • Size nylon loop: 8cm