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Here’s to all the pilots who are the first to hit the coastline and the last to leave the party – Those that work hard and play harder, here for one thing and one thing alone... The MOUSTACHE.
We had a dream, that there is more to flying than left & right, to start a revolution in the world of flying and add a real 3rd dimension to your movements in the air.
The idea of our developer team was to create a fast yet stable wing to fly faster and at the same time not be afraid of getting collapses. Out of years of knowledge and experience on how to develop famous superstable world-leading kites and the additional background of having high performance and safe paragliders in our company, we made that dream a reality. The flying family has gained another member and we are proud to share it with the world: a faster, more powerful member built to help you move through the air like never before.

This is the most energetic and versatile wing ever allowing you a huge range of movement adjusting your glide ratio, lift and speed to enter the third dimension.
Our proprietary FLARE System is a pulley system to mix the B and C level in ratio to the brake travel that allows you and your parakite to move free:
  • Adjust your glide ratio by fully changing your angle of attack.
  • It's the first wing in the history of flying uniting steering handles and accelerator and giving both into the brake handles having full control over your hands.
  • The following combination was the key to success. Equipped with a superstable reflex profile construction with a positive momentum means the wing always wants to fly away from you and keeps line tension even in fully accelerated flight.
  • Backed by this reflex profile which ensures prime angle of attack and stability when you need it most. This also lets you keep your kinetic energy and release it whenever you want. That allows you to soar and withstand even stronger winds.

This first-in-class fusion from the best of both worlds paragliding and kiting gives you the following skills:
  • Flying close to the ground made easy whilst precisely adjusting your height.
  • Safely get away from the terrain when pulling the brake handles to fly up, also gaining new possibilities of line choice and terrain capable to fly.
  • A never seen before combination of speed- and glideratiorange in speedwings being able of using your kinetic energy.
  • A way bigger and safer useable wind range while soaring.
  • Be safe on the ground in strong winds on full depower when releasing the brake handles fully upwards.
--> a truly balanced system and a masterpiece of engineering.

It is an insanely versatile construction built for ultimate soaring and named after pure strength. Even though we love our girls... What else to put in the design here than a Moustache.
Whether you’re smashing runs on the coast and dunes with your buddies, or bagging laps during speed flying discovering lines on the world which haven't been possible before in terms of limitation through glide ratio... we got you covered now... you're here for the MOUSTACHE.
This special design and construction separate it from common gliders. A selection of premium materials out of our know-how from the development masterminds at skywalk and FLYSURFER providing trustworthy strength leaves no eye dry.
But don’t be fooled – the MOUSTACHE punches above its look with a performance-first mindset.

Our beloved places to play: Soaring, Speedflying and -riding, Snowkiting and Proximityflying.
  • Be aware: The MOUSTACHE is NOT built for thermal flying, nor being used in strong turbulences since a reflex profile is powerful and behaves completely different in collapses!
  • With great power comes great responsibility. So make sure to watch all the FLARE Nation Academy tutorials!

Go #Beyond_Gravity and enjoy every soaring session like never before. Get ready for one of the most challenging, liberating, and satisfying experiences you'll ever have!
Simply put: The MOUSTACHE goes where you want to go, and flies how you want to fly.
There's nothing comparable on the market, so a warm welcome to the future of flying. Or better said: FLARING!

See below to learn more about this new member of the flying community.
Your complete package for the "MOUSTACHE"

1x MOUSTACHE Parakite
1x Self-adhesive repair patch
1x FLARE Bandana


Based on our company's decades of experience, we have selected the perfect combination of premium materials.

But above all the following innovative features were invented that make your life as a pilot easier and better.

FLARE System

THIS is adding the real 3rd Dimension to flying!
It's the first wing in the history of flying uniting steering handles and accelerator and giving both into the brake handles, having full control over your hands.
  • It is as Pulley-system to “mix” the B and C level with a certain ratio to the brake travel. 
  • The C-level moves with a ratio of 1/3 of the Braketravel.
  • The B-level moves with a ratio of 1/6 of the Braketravel.
That means you can fully adjust your glide ratio by completely changing the angle of attack of your wing. The combination was the key to success. Equipped with the superstable reflex profile construction with a positive momentum means that the wing always wants to fly away from you and keeps line tension, even in fully accelerated flight.
Your brake handle is connected with an elastic Free Brake Line, to be quickly able to grab it when standing on the ground. 
Don't release the brake handle while flying and stay in the loops.
  • Transfer energy in height

    Precise control of your lift. YOU decide when you want the lift to go up and when not. You can use your kinetic energy, pull the brakes and you'll shoot up. Your brake handles and accelerator are in your hands. Imagine you're a hang glider. Use it wisely!

  • Contour flying

    Flying close to the ground made easy. Finally, you have full freedom of line choices you've never flown before. With the FLARE System you can easily follow different terrain transitions. And also get away from terrain safely when pulling the brakes.

  • Speed & wind range expanded to the MAXIMUM

    Speed-/glide ratio range: The MOUSTACHE has the speed and the dive of a speedwing, but also the glide ratio of a paraglider. With the reflex construction, you can soar in strong winds like never before. Be aware with great power comes great responsibility.

  • Windrange while soaring

    Because of the reflex profile and the extended speed range you can soar in much higher winds. Also due to the lift and depower ability you can use the wind much more efficiently, even if it's not straight towards the coastline.

  • Precise flying and landing

    Because you have full control over your lift, you can adjust your height much more easily. That gives you an additional safety aspect to get away from terrain.

  • Endless FLARING

    Being able to control your lift and having a huge performance capacity, you will FLARE your landings like never before. Time for showoff. But please take care of a wide landing area.

  • Safe on the ground

    Simply release the brakes to stay on the ground even in strong winds – the depower ability will release all its energy. The reflex profile will take care that you won't be blown away and you can handle a lot stronger winds with ease.


Recommendation about take-off weight, tech-talk and further information.

There's a difference in recommended size for the same person for use of soaring or flying in the mountains. Take a bigger size for soaring, and a smaller size for speed flying. 
To be safe, we recommend learning your new FLARE skills on one of the bigger sizes first. "If in doubt – take the bigger size out" 

Take-Off-Weight chart

The right choice of size is for sure the most important decision you have to make to enjoy the perfect FLARE experience. According to this, we designed the recommended Take-Off Weight Chart for you.

Additional please make sure to watch the "Sizes" video in our Academy section, which is dedicated to support your decision on what size to choose. 

Or directly here.

Windrange - flat dunes

The MOUSTACHE compared to a normal paragliding Miniwing has a way bigger glide ratio and wind range you can use, due to its ability to adjust your full angle of attack.

Windrange - steep dunes

Technical data

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier - Master of Weightness
This might be a fu#*!ng revolution!
Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, Master of Weightness
Armin Harich & Benni Bölli - Research & Development Team
The best of two worlds
We have created the ultimate wing system combining power, fun and safety... From the best of two worlds: Kiteboarding and Paragliding.
Armin Harich & Benni Bölli, Research & Development Team
Jeff Ayliffe - Local Hero Southafrica
Has thrown everything out of the window
Today, I took everything I've learned in 42 years of flying ramair wings, and threw it out the window...
Jeff Ayliffe, Local Hero Southafrica
Beni Kälin - Speedflying Legend
The MOUSTACHE is an amazing and absolutely revolutionary wing. I love it!
Beni Kälin, Speedflying Legend

Ready for FLARING

Is our Concertina bag in which your MOUSTACHE gets delivered with a slight compression function. It's equipped with additional shoulder straps which hide in a zipper pocket in the back. So you can use it with or without shoulder straps. It's engineered to easily pack your MOUSTACHE even in strong winds at the beach.The DREAMCATCHER Bag is unisize and fits our MOUSTACHE wings  13m², 15m², 18m², 22m² & 26m² so it's also suitable for a wide range of paragliders.

The CONTOUR is a simple loop strap harness that meets the high demands of parakiting in the fields of Soaring, Snowkiting, Speedflying and -riding. It is light, comfortable, solid and also equipped with an LTF 91/09 certified PERMAIR protector.The seat shell perfectly encloses the body and ensures a high comfort with low weight. When designing the geometry and flight dynamics, care was taken to ensure that the harness is intuitive, easy and safe to handle while coastal-soaring as well as in alpine conditions.Since FLARE harness for our parakites do not require accelerators and disturbing pulleys the CONTOUR could be reduced in weight even further. The minimalistic designed back pocket with 15-liter capacity offers space for your packbag, the mouthpiece for filling the PERMAIR protector and small items for everyday use.The PERMAIR protector combines the advantages of foam and ram air protectors. PERMAIR offers maximum damping with minimal weight and space requirement in the bag pack. The modular design of the CONTOUR allows to separate the protector from the seat shell with just a few simple steps.

FLARE Nation Shirt
Apparel size: S
Our official FLARE community T-shirt. The FLARE Nation shirt is made from 100% certified organic cotton. This ensures a natural, comfortable feeling in a modern fit. Almost a must-have for all MOUSTACHE pilots on the coast and our flared landing sites. And a pleasant part of our FLARE community feeling.#Beyond_Gravity – make soaring great again. Features: Men's t-shirt made from 100% combed certified organic cottonSingle jersey, 140g/m²Attached sleevesTwo-layer collar with elastaneDouble topstitched hemSize label and Tear Away label at the back of the neckColour: gun metalModern fitDetails: FLARE logo print on the chestOriginal signature MOUSTACHE neck print on the back below the collar#Beyond_Gravity print on back hem with turquise FLARE woven label.Machine washable at 40°C, do not tumble dry

FLARE Nation Cap
The premium Outdoor CapEquipped with an innovative combination of a functional laser mesh material in the back panels where you need it the most whilst being active and a brushed wildleatherlook front visor in color gun metal grey.#Beyond_Gravity – make soaring great again.Features:Breathable Laser Mesh Cut material – quick dryingClimate – neutralLightUnisizeSmooth sweatband insideAdjustable in size SnapbackHeavy 3D StickTurquise front panel with our signature infinity printExclusive Premium Cap in cooperation of FLARE x bavarian capsDetails:Size: 58cm (note: when all buttons are closed)Material: 100% PolyesterWash in hand-wash