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The new pinnacle of speedflying

The LINE transcends the legacy of the MOUSTACHE, tailoring its revolutionary design to the realms of speedflying and speedriding. The LINE has a refined reflex profile, assuring ground stability in strong winds through its advanced depower capability. This design translates kinetic energy into vertical mastery, giving speedflyers the power to ascend swiftly and with intention, akin to a hang glider at their command.

In the world of speedflying, LINE redefines contour flying, making it effortlessly intuitive to navigate close to the ground and adapt to diverse terrain transitions. With its expanded speed and wind range, the LINE merges the agility of a speeding with the glide efficiency of a paraglider, allowing for unprecedented control and versatility in various wind conditions. Precision is at the heart of the LINE experience, enhancing both flight and landing accuracy. This precise control is especially crucial in speedflying, where navigating close to the terrain demands exceptional responsiveness and safety.

The LINE also revolutionizes the experience of FLARING. Its enormous performance capacity turns every landing into pleasure and creates a buzz at the landing field. The LINE is more than an evolution. It is a complete reinvention, pushing the boundaries of speedflying and speedriding, offering enthusiasts a wing that amplifies every aspect of their adventurous spirit in the air.

Your complete package for the "LINE"
1x LINE Parakite
1x Self-adhesive repair patch

Evolution of Speed

Discover the evolution of thrill with FLARE's LINE – the ultimate addition to our soaring legend MOUSTACHE. Originally designed for soaring, the MOUSTACHE ventured into speedflying. The LINE is now crafted especially for speedflying enthusiast.
The 13m2 LINE mirrors the velocity of a 9m2 speedflyer, while the 8m2 version shatters the speed barrier at over 100 km/h in straight flight. This is not just speed – this is precision-engineered control at your fingertips, offering a flying experience that is as precise as it is exhilarating.
The FLARE system enables almost infinite swoops during landing, showcasing remarkable energy control. The LINE is a testament to FLARE's commitment to innovation, offering speedflying purists a wing that is not just faster, but smarter and sharper in the skies.

Speedflying Reimagined

The LINE starts a new era of speedflying, in which stress yields to pure exhilaration. With its expanded glide ratio range, the LINE is not just about flying, it is about conquering.
Steeper dives, uncharted territories, and thrilling adventures await. Effortless take-offs and confidently secure flights are the new norms, allowing you to focus on the essence of speedflying, free from the complexity and hassle of trimmers. The LINE is your gateway to an immersive experience which makes it easier to get out of trouble then ever before and every flight becomes a testament to freedom and thrill.
Choose your adventure, embrace your freedom, and conquer uncharted lines with confidence.

Embrace the Uncharted

Dive into a world of boundless possibilities with the LINE where the hashtag #chooseyourLINE is not just a slogan – it is a promise of unparalleled experience.
The LINE's extraordinary glide ratio gives you a variety of options for which you would normally need three different sizes of a standard speedflyer. It is just one wing that offers you an expansive spectrum of flying experiences, from thrilling ass-to-grass descents to intricate crack flying.
Every terrain becomes a new challenge, a new opportunity thanks to the LINE. Whether you are exploring steep, untamed mountain or navigating diverse landscapes, the adaptability of the LINE ensures that you are always equipped for the journey. It excels in versatility, allowing speedflyers to traverse terrains that were once out of reach, opening up new lines, new projects, and new realms of exploration.
With the LINE you are not just selecting a wing. You are unlocking a world where the terrain varies, the challenges grow, and the adventures never end.


  • Trimmer-free design

    The LINE's intuitive design offers complete control directly in your hands, removing the complexity of separate trimmers for a stress-free, enjoyable flight experience.

  • Versatile adventures with LINE

    The LINE redefines efficiency in speedflying. One size offers a range of flying experiences, reducing the need for multiple equipment and simplifying your adventures.

  • Glide advantage

    With the high glide performance of the LINE, navigate out of tricky situations effortlessly and gain crucial time for making safer decisions in the air.

  • Smooth take-offs

    Despite the LINE's higher take-off speed, its superior glide performance enables take-offs on even flatter terrain.

Choosing the right LINE wing

Selecting the appropriate size for your LINE wing is crucial, as LINE wings fly faster than standard speedflyers, which has an impact on both safety and performance. For instance, our 13m2 LINE mirrors the performance of a regular 9m2 speedflyer, and the 8m2 model can fly over 100 km/h in straight flight. This distinction means your choice in LINE size might be different from standard speedflyer sizes your are used to.

Particularly for our 8m2, 9m2, and 10m2 models, designed for professional pilots, we require written approval from our specialized FLARE partners before dispatch. Our aim is to ensure that these high-performance wings are matched with the appropriate skill level for optimal safety and enjoyment. 

For guidance on selecting the right size tailored to your weight and flying experience, we invite you to visit our FLARE Academy section. Here, you will find comprehensive information to help you make an informed and safe choice for your speedflying adventures with LINE.

If you want to have the same speed and dive as on your wing, get at least a 2m2 bigger LINE. If you are ready to downsize your wing, get the same size from the LINE.

We do not recommend to footlaunch the LINE with a wingload of 10 or higher.

Skill level

Wingload 4 - 5: Experience in flying mini wings is highly recommended

Wingload 5 - 7: Experience in speedflying is highly recommended

Wingload > 8: Experience in extreme speedflying is highly recommended (capability of flying wings 7m2)

Wingload 7 - 8: Experience in extreme speedflying is highly recommended (capability of flying wings 9m2)

Skill level

Wingload 4 - 5: Experience in flying mini wings is highly recommended

Wingload 5 - 7: Experience in speedflying is highly recommended

Wingload > 8: Experience in extreme speedflying is highly recommended (capability of flying wings 7m2)

Wingload 7 - 8: Experience in extreme speedflying is highly recommended (capability of flying wings 9m2)

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