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The CONTOUR is a simple loop strap harness that meets the high demands of parakiting in the fields of Soaring, Snowkiting, Speedflying and -riding. It is light, comfortable, solid and also equipped with an LTF 91/09 certified PERMAIR protector.The seat shell perfectly encloses the body and ensures a high comfort with low weight. When designing the geometry and flight dynamics, care was taken to ensure that the harness is intuitive, easy and safe to handle while coastal-soaring as well as in alpine conditions.Since FLARE harness for our parakites do not require accelerators and disturbing pulleys the CONTOUR could be reduced in weight even further. The minimalistic designed back pocket with 15-liter capacity offers space for your packbag, the mouthpiece for filling the PERMAIR protector and small items for everyday use.The PERMAIR protector combines the advantages of foam and ram air protectors. PERMAIR offers maximum damping with minimal weight and space requirement in the bag pack. The modular design of the CONTOUR allows to separate the protector from the seat shell with just a few simple steps.